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 Is the GOFORX officially registered?

Yes. GOFOREX is a registered company with old Brand Linear Energy Plc In UK with registered number 09428806

 How can I invest?

Open an account, login to your account and click "Make a Deposit". We accept Perfect Money and BitCoin Curently,We are on the way of adding more payment gateway for more flexible soon.

 How GOFOREX System Works ?

A brief and simple explanation about how our system works:

When you make a deposit, GOFOREX system instantly uses it to place FOREX trades automatically depending on trading strategies of many experienced traders. At the time that GOFOREX makes a profit from trading using your deposit, our system will credit your account with a part of that profit in real-time and retains the remaining part to the end of the day.


Every day at 23:59:59, our system calculates the interest rate of the day depending on the amount of total retained profits, and credites each account with a share of that amount in a certain way that ensures all investors get the same interest rate. It means that even if GOFOREX system failed to make profits from trading using your deposits, your account would be credited with an interest rate at the end of the day, because GOFOREX made profits from trading using other investors deposits.


Each account is connected to QUICK Withdrawal System (WITH IN 24 HRS) that you can configure to make it place withdrawal orders for you automatically. You can set the value of the minimum amount of automatic withdrawal orders depending on your needs. When your balance exceeds that value, a new withdrawal order will be placed automatically and processed instantly.

 What is the service you offer?

We offer an investment service through our GOFOREX One click Trading System.You can invest on the Forex market easily without going into its complexities.GOFOREX One click Trading System is a powerful, smart and flexible automated system which is able to trade Forex 24 hours a day because it uses API to place forex trades automatically depending on trading strategies of many experienced traders.Your account will be credited with an interest rate according to the different Investment Scheme. GOFOREX makes investing enjoyable, rewarding and easy because of one click trading system, fast execution, user-friendly environment, expertise and reliability.

 How do I open a GOFOREX account?

You can open a new GOFOREX account by click on Register.

 Which e-currencies do you accept?

We accept Perfect Money and BitCoin Currently, We are on the way of adding more payment gateway for more flexible soon.

 How much will I earn when I invest?

hen you make a deposit, your account will be credited accordingly on which scheme you made deposit.

 How secure and safe is investing with GOFOREX?

The GOFOREX One Click Trading System (GOFOREX) technological infrastructure is designed to support a 24/24 trading environment with almost 100% uptime.We are registered trading house and working frm last 8 yrs offline in the forex market we have a huge experiance behind the GOFOREX. Our traders are well experianced and smart to generate profit daily.Our payout page details is automatically interconnected with server which means when we paid to user it reflected on this page see the our payout page link (PAYOUT PAGE) it is the another proof of our genunity. All of our systems are rigorously tested and they use the latest technologies to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for our clients.

 Is it allowed to own more than one account ?

No, this is not permissible. We only allow one account per person.

 Can I change my usename?

No, once the username is registered it can no longer be changed.

 Can I change my e-mail address?

No, it is not possible. So keep your mail id Safely.

 How can i change my password ?

Login to your account and follow click [CHANGE PASSWORD] from the left menu, enter your old password and give new password and click Submit.

 What is the min and max amount for deposit?

The minimum and maximum amount vary accordingly as per your Investment plan. These plans are not constant it changes time to time.

Min Max
Robotex Bit Starter 30$ (2% daily) 4000$ (2.% daily)
Robotex Pro Starter 4100$ (3.0% daily) 10000$ (3.0% daily)
Robotex Unstoppable 10100$ (3.30% daily) 20000$ (3.30% daily)
Hash Cloud Mining 100$ (0.8% daily) 700000$ (0.8% daily)

 How long does it take to make deposit active?

Your deposit will be added to your account instantly.
BitCoin deposit will take roughly 30 Minute to 12 Hour. It is possible it will take longer since we require 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network before the deposit will go through.

 Can I make a direct deposit from my acc balance?

No, We only allow fresh Deposit.

 Will get my return everyday?

GOFOREX can make profits when Forex market is open for trading.

 Can I make withdraw fund on regular basis?

Yes. You can do at any Time, Minimum withdraw 2$.

 Will I get a fixed interest rate?

Yes, You get a fix return according to different plan you subscribe.

 What are the min and max amount for withdraw?

Minimum amount is 1$ and Maximum amount is 500$.

 How can I withdraw my funds?

Click [Payout Request], select the payment gateway enter amount, enter captcha and click [Transfer].

 How Much time take after withdraw request?

Our withdrawal system will process your request as soon as possible within but usauly it takes time between 12 hrs to 72 hrs.

 After my deposit expires, will principal refund?

No, Principal is included in the daily payments.

 What is the affiliate program you have?

We have three-levels affiliate program. It allows you to earn from 3% to 8% on each deposit your referrals. You will earn 8% from 1st level referrals, 5% from 2nd level and 3% from 3rd level.

 Where can find my referral link?

Login to your account copy thr referral link by click [My Referrals] from the left menu Under REFERRALS.

 Where can I see my referrals information?

To get detailed information about your referrals, click [My Referrals] from the left menu Under REFERRALS.

 Can I earn referral Commission without Investment?

Yes. You do not need to invest if you want to start earning referral commission.

 What is your Facebook Page & group Link ?

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 What is your Twitter Page Link ?

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